Bare Metal Cloud Servers and Clusters Powered by NVIDIA HGX H100 Now Available

At Cirrascale, we always get excited to announce new offerings in our AI Innovation Cloud. In this case, we're even more so due to the overall benchmark results we've seen reported for our latest addition. Today, we're pleased to announce the general availability of bare-metal cloud servers and clusters, powered by the NVIDIA® HGX H100 server platform. The latest update to the NVIDIA HGX AI supercomputing platform supports the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU with an order-of-magnitude leap enabling unprecedented performance, scalability, and security.

How big of a deal is the addition of the NVIDIA HGX H100 to our cloud services offering? With 7x better efficiency in high-performance computing (HPC) applications, up to 9x faster AI training on large models, and up to 30x faster AI inference than the NVIDIA HGX A100, it's a huge deal. 

NVIDIA HGX H100 combines eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs with a high-speed interconnect powered by NVLink and NVSwitch technology to enable the creation of the world’s most powerful scale-up servers. Leveraging the power of multi-precision Tensor Cores in NVIDIA H100, an eight-way HGX H100 provides over 32 petaFLOPS of FP8 deep learning compute performance. Additionally, Cirrascale offers large-scale NVIDIA HGX H100 clusters built using NVIDIA InfiniBand NDR 400Gb/s networking, so you can experience unmatched application performance across multiple servers.

The best news is that with Cirrascale Cloud Services, you can scale to clusters of NVIDIA H100 servers to meet the most demanding workloads. Our cloud infrastructure in all of our data centers is purpose-built to solve the toughest challenges you face when tackling natural language processing, large language model, and other AI and HPC workloads. You'll get the best performance and cost savings with our bare-metal servers and will experience no overhead from virtualization layers. Plus, we don't charge for the ingress/egress of data in and out of our cloud, so you won't be nickel and dimed. In fact, our pricing model is set up to ensure you have "no surprises," something your CFO is sure to love.

NVIDIA HGX H100 servers are generally available on the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform now. Why not reach out to us to discuss what you need and get started using the NVIDIA HGX H100 today?

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