Furthering the Democratization of AI with Cerebras

At Cirrascale, we've been working diligently with our partners over the past 5 years to further our goal of enabling AI for everyone as an innovation accelerator. We truly believe that AI will have its greatest impact when everyone will be able to access it. For us, massively scalable AI supercomputers shouldn't be reserved for just national labs and major corporations. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with Cerebras Systems. You can discover why Cerebras chose Cirrascale by viewing their recent blog announcement.

Cerebras is a team of pioneering computer architects, computer scientists, deep learning researchers, and engineers of all types who love doing fearless engineering. From the start of our partnership, it was clear that the entire Cerebras team shared our vision of democratizing AI. Now, through Cerebras Cloud @ Cirrascale, anyone can gain access to this powerful AI Accelerator.

Today’s state-of-the-art models can take days or weeks to train. Organizations often need to distribute training across tens, hundreds, even thousands of GPUs to make training times more tractable. These huge clusters of legacy, general-purpose processors are hard to program and bottlenecked by communication and synchronization overheads. Rather than build a slightly smaller cluster of slightly faster small devices, Cerebras wafer-scale innovation brings the AI compute and memory resources of a cluster onto a single device, making orders-of-magnitude faster training and lower-latency inference easy to use and simple to deploy.

Now, with Cerebras Cloud @ Cirrascale, this technology can be experienced by early-stage startups, stealth AI companies, and those still in early development. Cirrascale enables customers to use Cerebras Cloud on a weekly or monthly basis greatly reducing the financial outlay needed to utilize a massively scalable AI supercomputer. Long-term agreements are available to cut overall costs, but for those companies that only need to use the 850,000 optimized cores of the Cerebras CS-2 system for a short amount of time, the Cerebras Cloud @ Cirrascale makes it all possible.

It's not just about the hardware though, the Cerebras software platform integrates with popular machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, so researchers can use familiar tools and effortlessly bring their models to the Cerebras Cloud. No distributed training or parallel computing experience is needed. The Cerebras software platform makes massive-scale acceleration easy to program. A programmable low-level interface allows researchers to extend the platform and develop custom kernels – empowering them to push the limits of machine learning innovation.

The democratization of AI is now one step closer thanks to the partnership between Cerebras and Cirrascale. The Cerebras Cloud @ Cirrascale has made massively scalable AI attainable without the need for your own data center, without compromising performance, and without needing to spend millions of dollars. We hope your company is as excited about this partnership as we are. Here's to the future of AI for everyone.

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