Cirrascale Cloud Services Now Offers Graphcore IPU Cloud Instances and IPU Servers

We are excited today to announce the launch of Graphcore® Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) with the Graphcore Poplar® software stack as part of our bare-metal cloud service offerings. In addition to offering Graphcore IPU cloud instances, we are also offering Graphcore IPU systems based on the Dell EMC DSS8440 IPU Server for on-premises customer applications. Graphcore’s IPU machine learning platform provides state of the art performance for training and inference on today’s workflows such as Natural Language Processing, financial risk analysis and alpha estimation, image recognition and many other machine intelligence applications. You can read Graphcore's Blog Post about this announcement by clicking here.


The Graphcore C2 IPU has been designed from the ground up by Graphcore to support new breakthroughs in machine intelligence. Together with Graphcore's production ready Poplar software stack, it gives developers a powerful, efficient, scalable, and high performance solution which enables new innovations in AI. Customers can tackle their most difficult AI workloads by accelerating more complex models and developing entirely new techniques.

As part of our deep learning cloud service, customers can use the Graphcore IPU instances in the cloud from Cirrascale Cloud Services weekly or monthly, with discounts available for longer-term use and without the fear of additional hidden costs as Cirrascale does not charge for the ingress/egress of data in its cloud. The solution is purpose-built for the unique demands of AI and delivers over 1.6 PetaFLOPS of FP16/32 mixed precision computing performance. With Cirrascale Cloud Services, the customer experience isn’t virtualized, so they receive dedicated access allowing them to gain the absolute raw horsepower of the system.

We are currently exhibiting the Dell EMC DSS8440 IPU Server at the Supercomputing 2019 conference in Denver, CO in the BOXX Technologies booth #807 for those that wish to drop by and talk to us about this solution. Customers can signup now to use Graphcore IPUs cloud instances on our cloud services platform or purchase Graphcore IPU servers.

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