GTC 2019 Review

Every year, thousands of techies from various industries all converge in San Jose for the world's leading GPU Technology Conference hosted by NVIDIA. GTC (as it's known) is now dubbed as the premier AI and deep learning conference that provides training, insights, and direct access to experts for valuable training and information.

This year, various industries were well represented throughout the conference sessions, trainings, and exhibit hall. Attendees could easily find solutions aimed at Media and Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, AEC, and Retail. In fact, NVIDIA stated that 9 of the world’s top 12 telco companies presented at this year’s GTC, as well as 4 of the top 5 medical research universities and 5 of the top 7 radiology departments. But even with those impressive appearances, there was one industry that was represented more than the others and that gained a huge focus in this year's conference. 

Autonomous Vehicles at GTC 2019
Autonomous Vehicles were all the rage this year, and for good reason. From the minute you walked through the front doors of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, autonomous vehicles from well known car manufacturers were out on display. Cars from AutoX, WeRide, Torc Robotics, NIO and more were out on display for people to interact with. The news surrounding these companies at GTC was inspiring as well. Chinese startups WeRide and AutoX announced they would begin leveraging NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus to deliver Level 4 autonomous taxi and delivery services.20190319_095645-1

TuSimple was also on the exhibit floor showing off their self-driving technology for mass market fleets for more efficient shipping. The company showed off its automotive-grade camera for reliable night and low-light vision. The semi runs on the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE, the sensor is a key component for safe, production-level autonomous trucks.

The sheer level of advancement overall that we saw from last year to this year was amazing. Every one of these companies are making strides to further this technology and bring it closer to an every day reality that our kids will experience well within their lifetimes. Driverless semis delivering goods across country, cars picking up kids from school with no drivers, and police cars driving themselves to the next call they receive are becoming more of a reality with each day that passes. It's truly exciting.

At Cirrascale, we're helping autonomous driving companies like these discover the best way to accomplish a true end-to-end solution as they try and navigate moving their critical training, development and production-level data through their workflows. To learn more about how we can help your company, contact us today.


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