Ready, Set, Go!

According to the think tank geniuses over at Gartner, there are three companies standing at the forefront of cloud computing, and they happen to be the brands that we all know very, very well. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. All are by far the biggest players in the cloud computing industry and chances are you're using one of these companies in one way or another when it comes to your deep learning development and training. Are there others? Of course. Do they matter? I'm here to tell you, "Yes. Yes, they do." In fact, as we gain momentum into 2018, one of the most interesting places to pay attention to is how niche and smaller cloud players (like us here at Cirrascale Cloud Services) will grow and compete for your cloud dollars.

We've launched our blog as a way of providing direct communication with those who choose to understand by reading, discussing, and doing more. Our goal is not to use it as another way to market our services, but instead to use it as a way to provide the deep learning community with the knowledge they so desperately desire. We heard it over and over when we exhibited at the NIPS 2017 show in Long Beach, and again at the RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco, and at GTC in March... you want more. More benchmarks, more collaboration, more understanding.

So that's what we want to accomplish, and that's our goal moving forward. We don't want to create just another blog that talks about autonomous driving, we want to show you how others are actually doing it. We don't want to tell you that AWS is only giving you 70% of what you're paying for, we want to prove it to you. We don't want to be just another cloud provider telling you why you want to do business with us, we want to show you why we are different.

Moving forward, we'll share with you our deep learning infrastructure benchmarking results using the a wide variety of CPUs and GPUs. We'll explain why single root hub configurations are better for some deep learning applications, and dual-root is better for others. We'll tell you about trends that will save you time, applications that can streamline training (like RiseML), and open-source tools that will change your life.

Sound intriguing? Good. We can't wait to begin sharing and collaborating with you.


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